Sine Metu. It means "without fear". It hangs proudly on our crest.

It’s a code John Jameson lived by, a code he embodied. When he stepped off that ship in Dublin to start his distillery, he did so with bravery. With a clear vision and a tireless passion. A passion for his Irish whiskey, each step of the process from grain to glass.

Today that same spirit lives on in our Jameson family; our cooper, our distiller, our blender, and the many dedicated individuals at our Distillery. But it also lives on in the communities of fearless individuals here in the U.S., who embody the code of Sine Metu by pursuing their passions every day.

Sine Metu. It’s from our family. It’s on our bottle. It’s in our hearts. It’s in every glass.

Jameson - Sine Metu, Our Family Motto

Sine Metu. It translates to Without Fear. The courage to act on your passions. It's the Jameson family motto, since 1780, and the one we still stand by today. It's on our bottle. It's in your heart. It's in every glass.