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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Time Off with Us



Jameson S-P-T-O. It’s like PTO, but made for St. Patrick’s Day! This year, we hope you’ll take the day off, or at least an hour, to connect with friends. We’re serving everything you need right here! From cocktails, to sweepstakes, to zoom backgrounds, to virtual concerts, we’ve got your St. Patrick’s Day in the bag- even if you’re celebrating from your couch. Mark your calendars for March 17th and we’ll see you there.

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St. Patrick’s Day Time Off

Whether you plan on unplugging for IRL drinks or raising a glass for a virtual cheers, St. Patrick’s Day Time Off is waiting for you. It’s an entire day dedicated to connections with friends and good times together- so be sure to pencil us in on March 17th. It’s bound to be the smoothest (S)PTO you’ve ever had.

St. Patrick’s Day Time Off

Let The Good Times Pour

Inspired to have a legendary St. Patrick’s Day? We’re serving up all the inspo you’ll need with SPTO-ready cocktails and Jameson merch!


Jameson Connects

Remember the days of gigs? Sadface. We know. We miss them too. But fear not. We’re here, with a bit of tech gear, and solutions. Bringing the local LIVE. Connecting artists, cities, and scenes with you and your sitting room screens.