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Our Family of Whiskeys

Different tastes for different tastes

Pretend you’ve walked into our Jameson distillery. You’ll just have to imagine our friendly Irish welcome too. Now that you’re here let’s introduce you to our family of Jameson Irish whiskeys. Like every family, ours is made up of individual characters. Different types of whiskey where each one has its own unique personality brought out by Jameson’s blending process. Some complex. Others deep. Every one of them triple distilled, twice as smooth. If you’re ready to meet the smoothest whiskeys, come right this way.

Our Whiskey

For the Originals

Meet the true original, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Crafted in 1780. It’s the perfect whiskey for all occasions. Connecting friends new and old through its triple distilled, twice as smooth taste. Served best neat. Or with Ginger & Lime. Or any which way you please.
The world’s number one Irish Whiskey. And number one connector.
Pull up a stool. And find out more

Our Whiskey

For the Barrel Lovers

What came first? The whiskey or the barrel? The barrel of course. As that’s where the magic happens in all our whiskey. Bonding flavour together through time, patience and craft. As the char ignites to create something more.
And what’s more more-ish than Black Barrel? Where double charred wood takes centre stage.
So, explore the truest exploration of Irish Whiskey craftsmanship here