Jameson x Dickies


Feast your eyes, on our newest collection. Created with our newest mate, Dickies.
Here, two cultures and industry behemoths, collide. Joining forces to spark something more. Something unique. Something Jameson. And something Dickies. Creating a collaboration for the ages. Representing the down to earth communities we stand with.

Where workwear meets streetwear. Texas meets Ireland.  And hard work meets a fashion statement. For a historic collaboration. Sharing a story 344 years in the making. It’s a legacy building meet up, distilled into a capsule, you won’t want to miss out on.

So, lace up your ‘work’boots and prepare yourself for a good old fashioned craft-core drop. Featuring iconic Dickies pieces with a Jameson twist, and iconic Jameson bottle with a Dickies twist  . All crafted together. Through shared values and a community spirit. Fused together.

Limited Edition Bottle


Shared values, work ethic, and more. As this drop wouldn’t be complete without a drop of our finest. Bottling generations of hard work and craft into one.


Together is better. As is kinship. Community. And history too.

Where workwear meets streetwear. And working hard means playing hard.

Welcome to Craft-Core.


Peach sweet tea

This is a twist on a non alcoholic Texas drink from the 1900s which contained black tea and cane sugar.

50ml Jameson original
50ml cold brew black tea
20 ml peach syrup
25ml lemon juice
Topped with soda.
Garnished with lemon peel or dehydrated peach slice