Calling all food and whiskey enthusiasts! From August 31st to September 3rd, Tobacco Dock is set to be sizzling with the excitement of Meatopia – one of London’s best known food festivals and a legendary event for food and fire-cooking lovers.

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At Meatopia, it’s all about embracing the true essence of fire and flavor. With Jameson Black Barrel, we’re taking it up a notch. Think double charred barrels unraveling the secret that fire doesn’t always mean smokiness. Picture toffee, vanilla, and caramel notes dancing on your taste buds, perfectly paired with dishes that elevate the experience. Meatopia isn’t just an event; it’s a journey for food enthusiasts to discover the incredible potential of fire-infused culinary artistry, with Jameson Black Barrel leading the way.

meatopia london 3rd september 2022


We’re working with 3 barbecue partner restaurants whose talented chefs have created delectable dishes, pairing with cocktails, hand crafted by Dan Gazelle for each dish.


We have a delectable menu of Jameson Black Barrel dishes available throughout the weekend that our chefs: Ruben, Matt and Sam have created especially, using Jameson Black Barrel as a prime ingredient. Don’t get too hungry reading what our chefs have to say…

Matt – For Meatopia this year we have created a flavour packed dish incorporating the smooth flavours of Jameson black barrel whiskey. Beef featherblade, that we have cured in pastrami seasonings before smoking low & slow over oak and Jameson barrel wood. We are serving this on a slice of potato bread, brushed with aged beef fat, topped with kimchi, sweet dill pickles and an espresso & black barrel barbecue sauce.

Ruben – I’m taking the humble potato and turning it into a mega mouthful. Essentially, it’s a crispy potato shell, filled with luxurious potato salad, slow smoked iberico pork shoulder, and smothered in a sweet sticky Jameson black barrel barbecue sauce.

Sam – For meatopia this year we have a created a beautiful dish using Jameson black barrel. Smoked pork, date and Parmesan sausage, burnt pickles and a rich Jameson black barrel sauce that brings the whole dish to life.

meatopia london 3rd september 2022


To pair with these delectable dishes, our good friend Dan Gazelle from @umbrellaproject, has created 3 bespoke cocktails to pair with each dish.

To Pair with Matt’s beef featherblade: A summery floral aperitif playing off the dill pickle and umami kimchi flavours. This cocktail is light and fresh​.

To Pair with Ruben’s pork potato salad: A light spanish style highball, crisp manzanilla and orchard fruits complimenting the iberico pork, while black cardamom and smoked salt.

To Pair with Sam’s dish: an old fashioned with a touch of calvados and apple, perfectly pairing with the pork of the sausage

meatopia london 3rd september 2022


Ger is a fifth generation Midleton Cooper who uses the same methods and tools as his grandfather. His passion stems not only from his family’s lineage, but also from his fascination with the varied attributes his preferred source material allows.

It is his passion for the product and the end of the process that Ger takes most pleasure in. He proudly states that “50% of a whiskey’s taste comes from the wood – so the wood and the distillation process have an equal effect on the taste”.

Throughout the weekend, Ger will be showcasing his knowledge and talents when it comes to the craftmanship behind all things barrels. From the art of barrel deconstruction to the live charring demonstrations, giving you a visual insight into how the taste of our Jameson whiskies is created, Ger is somebody you don’t want to miss.

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We are also very excited to have Janice Snowden joining us! Janice is our resident Irish Whiskey Ambassador and is a font of knowledge when it comes to Whiskey. Not only has Janice lived cross continent whilst working in the industry, but has also been educating people on Irish Whiskey for 6 years and hails from the Jameson Bow Street distillery.

Throughout the weekend, Janice is conducting over 20 classes featuring Whiskey tastings, so you can try all our favourite whiskies yourself, as well as a number of Old Fashioned Masterclasses. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them.

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See you at Tobacco Dock…