Jameson Triple Triple with Tonic & Grapefruit

Elevate your tonic experience with the ‘Jameson Triple Triple with Tonic & Grapefruit’ cocktail. This is a sophisticated twist on a classic serve, combining the Jameson Triple Triple with the refreshing bitterness of tonic water and the citrusy zing of grapefruit. Perfect for sunny afternoons or leisurely evenings, it’s a delightful way to savour the flavours of summer

What do you need


  • 1 Quarter Grapefruit
  • Ice Cubes
  • 35 ml Jameson Triple Triple
  • 100 ml Tonic Water
  • 1 Quarter Grapefruit
  • Ice Cubes
  • 1⅙ Parts Jameson Triple Triple
  • 3⅓ Parts Tonic Water

How to make

  1. Build in Highball glass

  2. Squeeze in the 1/4 grapefruit

  3. Garnish with one grapefruit wedge

About this Cocktail

Orange, baked spices on the nose with a nice refreshing finish.