Our Jameson Whiskey Family

Jameson Orange

Jameson, Made Zesty 

We’ve branched out and things just got zesty. Introducing Jameson Orange. The smooth taste of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey, perfectly balanced with notes of zesty Orange flavour.

Jameson has always been known for a few key things, smooth, accessible, approachable, easy going and easy drinking. With Jameson Orange we are taking all those key wonderful things to the next level, by bringing in these wonderful natural orange flavours. We have created a drink and flavour that is easy-going and approachable for everyone, not just whiskey drinkers.

Try it over ice with lemonade and a wedge of orange for a crisp and refreshing drink.


Exceptionally well-balanced aromas of zesty peel and juicy orange citrus fruits, with sweet whiskey undertones.


Delicate, smooth and full mouthfeel with distinctive notes of orange zest as well as spicy, nutty, sweet vanilla.


Clean finish with a sweet orange aftertaste.