Time for you to pick your favourite

The Dream Team

When football’s at its best, it brings people together like nothing else (except maybe Jameson). It’s why we’ve been bottling that same spirit since 1780, because no matter the size of the rivalry, we’ll always believe that it’s the size of the circle that counts.

And everyone’s invited.

Jameson United’s Season is Kicking Off

The Pundit

The one who knows every player stat, transfer price, club history and is not afraid to quote it. The one who you want to tell to keep quiet… but secretly you wish you had their power!

Mic in one hand, JGL in the other. Makes sense
Jameson, Ginger & Lime Recipe


The Socialiser

The one that would watch an amateur relegation game if it meant a trip to the pub…and a Jameson, Ginger Ale & Lime.

The only way to analyse your match, and question the ref’s decisions, is over a weekend punch
Weekend Punch Recipe


The Stirrer

The controversial one… drops a provocative Tweet in the chat just to get a reaction. We all know ‘this guy’.

Whoever you are, less stirring, more shaking with a
Pineapple Whiskey Sour Recipe


The Pro

The one that ‘could’ have gone pro, if it wasn’t for that old injury… but still has a killer left foot.

A Jameson Soda & Lime is a good way to soothe the pain (of not making it to the big leagues) of your injury
Jameson Soda & Lime Recipe


The Gaffer

The one that without, no one would do anything… from organising 5-aside pitches, booking spacing to watch the match, or getting the first round in, this is the guy your mates would miss most.

El Capitano, this one’s for you
Irish Lemonade Recipe


Jameson Home Fixtures Series

The Home Fixtures with Micah Richards

Micah Richards and Big Zuu come together to host a five-part ‘Home Fixtures’ Series, launched in partnership with ‘The Dream Team’ five limited edition Jameson Whiskey bottles created for football fans. They will explore the different personalities that define the classic football fan and Micah’s experience with these in the professional world. Big Zuu is also seen preparing the best matchday meals to enjoy whilst watching the football.

Continue reading to find out about Micah’s most memorable moments as a player and pundit.

Episode 1 – The Gaffer

This is the episode which Micah reveals how he almost squared Mancini in the head with sandwiches, but this was only because of a mistake by Kompany.
Did he get away with it?

Episode 2 – The Socialiser

Micah is discussing his friendship with Mario Balotelli at Man City and how the Italian was his wingman on a night out.
Although, this didn’t last long.

Episode 3 – The Stirrer

Since working in media, Micah’s banter with Roy Keane has been a joy for viewers to watch and laugh along to.
Believe or not, he’s one of the nicest and most humble people ever.

Episode 4 – The Pro

Micah talks about why it is so much harder to be a pro footballer nowadays, saying that social media is the main obstacle that young players need to conquer.

Episode 5 – The Pundit

The topic of social media was discussed again, with Micah revealing he only got into punditry following a message from a fan on Instagram.