Jameson IPA Edition & Tonic

Quickly becoming a Jameson Classic – this light and refreshing combination never fails to kickstart a good weekend or a chilled out after office tipple.

What do you need


  • PRPECOM002780
  • 50 ml
  • 1 Wedge
  • 90 ml
  • PRPECOM002780
  • 1⅔ Parts
  • 1 Wedge
  • 3 Parts

How to make

  1. Grab a glass

  2. Fill it with ice

  3. Pour in the Jameson IPA Edition

  4. Top up the glass with a good quality bottled tonic water

  5. Squeeze and drop a lemon wedge into the glass

  6. Enjoy

About this Cocktail

The light citrus notes really come to life when topped up with tonic. Refreshing, delicious, simple.