Jameson Whiskey and food pairings

Join the whiskey party that’s been rocking taste buds for decades! Whether you’re crafting a home pairing menu or shaking things up with a whiskey cocktail on your next bar visit, the key is making sure your food and drink are the ultimate tag team. To spark your culinary creativity, we’ve whipped up a sample menu that’s sure to get your taste buds in a flavourful frenzy.

Starter: Charcuterie board with cured meats, cherries and cheeses
Whiskey Pairing: Jameson Irish Whiskey
Flavour notes: The smooth, spicy, nutty and vanilla notes of Jameson pair seamlessly with the cured meats’ gamey flavours. Soft and delicate cheeses also complement the smoothness of Jameson Original, whilst a bite of a cherry enhances the fragrant hints of sherry. It’s a tasteful adventure that hits all the right notes!
Cocktail suggestion: Jameson, Ginger Ale and Lime

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originalsizejpeg 3q0a7172

Main course: Chargrilled steak
Whiskey Pairing: Jameson Black Barrel
Flavour notes: The double charred barrels used to mature Jameson Black Barrel intensifies its richness and complexity. When paired with a succulent steak, the whiskey’s harmonious blend of nutty and vanilla notes perfectly complement the smokey flavours imparted by the chargrilled preparation. It’s the ultimate match made in taste heaven.
Cocktail suggestion: Old Fashioned

jameson bam nov23 jamesmoyle(highres) 77
jameson bam nov23 jamesmoyle(highres) 77

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

Whiskey Pairing: Jameson Black BarrelFlavour notes: Indulge your taste buds with a perfect duo: Jameson Black Barrel and chocolate mousse. The nutty notes and vanilla sweetness create delicious harmony in every bite. It’s a simple yet delightful combo that’s sure to elevate your dessert game!

Cocktail suggestion: Neat

jameson bam nov23 jamesmoyle(highres) 129
jameson bam nov23 jamesmoyle(highres) 129