The 5 Best Jameson Whiskey Gifts for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day – the one day of the year that he’s been waiting for, when the spotlight is well and truly on dad. That can only mean one thing. You’ve got to bring it. Bring yourself, bring the craic and bring a gift. You might well tick the first two off that list quite easily (or here’s hoping), but the latter could be where you fall short. Well, fear no more, because with the Jameson whiskey gift guide, you’ll be bringing home the best Father’s Day gift for the old man. One he could only wish for.

It’s true, Irish whiskey is a foolproof gift for Father’s Day – one you can indulge in too, reminiscing about memories and reconnecting with one another. We’d go as far to say that it’s such a dad gift. So, wouldn’t your pop want to add to his collection with say, the merch, glassware or a special gift set? Yeah, we thought so… that’s the spirit! Scroll on down for our top 5 ideas for Father’s Day gifts for whiskey lovers. All budgets are catered for, no matter if it’s a small token of appreciation or if you’re pulling out all the stops with a big gesture. You might be somewhere in between and that’s covered too – we’re kind like that. Amongst the more unusual whiskey gifts, we’ve thrown in some classics and exclusives that really can’t be missed. All in the name of the man you love… Dad!

Jameson Black Barrel Cask Strength

What can we say, we’re a pretty personal bunch here at Jameson. We go the extra mile – it must be the spirit we share. So, when we introduced Jameson Black Barrel Cask Strength, of course we had to make it personalised and exclusive. One or the other just didn’t cut it – we opted for both to ensure the ultimate Jameson whiskey gift for Father’s Day. This Jameson Black Barrel isn’t available to buy in stores and comes with a handwritten “Bottled for / By” label that’s personalised for the lucky recipient… dad. Yes, it’s a Father’s Day exclusive; no, it’s not to be overlooked! This is a present that promises to make the day one to remember. It’s a truly special gift – a present to savour and bring a smile to his face. In fact, Cask Strength is so special that your old man may or may not share a tipple with his companions. Just kidding, sure that’s what Jameson is all about! As it’s a Distillery exclusive, that means it’s now or never with this one, and no one wants to get into dad’s bad books.

Jameson Black Barrel Gift Set

Jameson Black Barrel Socks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If you buy socks this Father’s Day, it must be Jameson whiskey socks, more specifically, Jameson Black Barrel socks. Your dad undoubtedly has socks, so it’s time to shift your focus from those old school camel styles or the usual stripes to a pair much more, say, hip, courtesy of Jameson no less. That way, you can’t go wrong. Here’s a bit of advice from the folk at HQ – don’t be afraid to choose the obvious gift for the big day: socks are a go-to only because they’re so reliable. He can wear his Jameson socks come rain or shine, indoor and outdoor. What’s not to love? They’re soft, cosy and make drinking Black Barrel all the more authentic. Yes, matching your socks to your drink is now a thing – or maybe it’s more of a dad thing. Regardless, when sporting these Black Barrel socks, he’s sure to be daddy cool.


Jameson Black Barrel Hip Flask

Is he more of an old fashioned kind of guy? Say no more. Lovers of the Barrel are dedicated and this one’s for them. The Black Barrel hip flask is dark, elegant and smooth – just like its liquid counterpart. The matte exterior is minimal, emblazoned only with a logo for maximum impact. We call it silent but confident (and a simply perfect Jameson whiskey gift for dads). This handy treasure comes with a separate funnel to fill up and go without any spills – after all, Irish whiskey is all too precious for wasted moments – it’s made for sharing. While it might just be one of the perfect gifts for old fashioned lovers (not that kind), he’s more likely to enjoy his whiskey neat in this Barrel hip flask and save the cocktails for the glass. Trust in the tradition! Regardless of his preferences, this Father’s Day, he can paint the town black.

Jameson Black Barrel Tumblers

This Father’s Day is all about toasting and that means the finest Irish whiskey deserves the best glassware. Dad knows that when it comes to whiskey drinking, ‘any old glass’ does not suffice. It’s a ritual that requires attention. The correct glassware captures the sound of the pour, the notes on the nose and the taste of the tipple. It enhances the entire experience. So, when it comes to having a drop of Black Barrel, he should do so with the matching ware. With this tumbler, your dad can enjoy his whiskey neat or on the rocks – whatever way he likes it. Of course, we recommend a pour of Black Barrel in the matching glass, just to keep things consistent, but that’s up to him. It’s still versatile enough for a dash of Jameson Original and many of our other favourite Irish whiskeys in the collection. Oh! We nearly forgot to mention, this bespoke tumbler also features the Jameson Black Barrel logo, so you can raise a glass to the man, every time. Now, isn’t that a Jameson whiskey gift and a half?



Jameson Black Barrel Gift Set

Jameson Black Barrel Gift Set

Some might say we saved the best until last, but we’ll let you decide on that. Drumroll please… Let us introduce you to our Father’s Day gift set: the Jameson Black Barrel bundle. A special whiskey gift set that can’t be bought anywhere else, but sure, it’s Father’s Day and such a special occasion needs a special set. Upon opening this Jameson whiskey gift set, he’ll be treated to a bottle of our best selling Black Barrel, an engraved Black Barrel hip flask and a pair of Black Barrel tumblers to make the sips all the more smooth. It’s an ideal choice that he can enjoy at home or socially, sharing the spirit in glassware or a hip flask. If he doesn’t already have a hip flask, we promise you, he’s going to love this Jameson Irish whiskey gift set. Personalisation allows you to add a special message to the keepsake hip flask, with engraving to make him smile with every sip. Seriously stylish with its compact and sleek design, it fits neatly into the pocket. What a handy vessel – it really is the perfect partner for transporting your dad’s favourite whiskey to and from gatherings. But one of our favourite features of the personalised Jameson hip flask is the secret cup that can be detached from the bottom, so your old man can share a smooth drop of Black Barrel with his closest companions.




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