Measuring Whiskey: What is a Dram of Whiskey?

When ordering whiskey, the most common measure is a dram. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance and origins of the term “dram” and how it came to be. Unlike a shot, which is designed for quick consumption, a dram is perfect for enjoying whiskey neat, allowing you to fully appreciate its rich flavours. Understanding this distinction can enhance your whiskey experience, especially when ordering your next Jameson Irish Whiskey.

What is a measure of whiskey?

When enjoying Irish whiskey, the most common measurement is a dram, perfect for sipping and savouring the nuanced flavours of a fine whiskey like Jameson. However, when it comes to whiskey cocktails, the standard measurement shifts to a shot, typically between 30-45ml, ensuring a balanced mix in drinks such as the classic Whiskey Sour or a refreshing Jameson, Ginger and Lime. Understanding these measurements can enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of Jameson in its various forms.

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How much is a dram of whiskey?

The measurement of a dram can vary by country, typically ranging from 25ml to 35ml. This contrasts with a standard shot, usually about 45ml. Understanding these differences enhances your appreciation of Jameson Irish Whiskey, whether you’re savouring it neat as a dram or mixing it into a whiskey cocktail.

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Why is it called a dram of whisky? The history of the word

The term “dram” has a rich history, originating from the Ancient Greek word “drakhme”,  the Ancient Greek name for coins or treasure. It evolved through Latin as “dragme” and Old French as “drame” before becoming “dram” in English. Historically, it measured small quantities of precious substances and in the whiskey world, it signifies a small, enjoyable serving. Ordering a dram of Jameson Irish Whiskey connects you to this storied past while providing the perfect amount to appreciate its character.

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How many drams in a bottle of whiskey?

When considering the number of drams in common bottle sizes, such as 700ml or 750ml, it’s important to understand various factors that can affect the count. Typically, a dram is around 25 to 35ml in volume, depending on cultural norms and personal preference. Using this estimate, a 700ml bottle would contain roughly 20 to 28 drams, while a 750ml bottle would hold approximately 21 to 30 drams. However, factors like serving sizes can influence this calculation. Some may prefer smaller or larger pours, impacting the number of drams obtained from a single bottle.

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What is a wee dram?

The term “wee dram” holds a special place in the world of whiskey, particularly in Scotland, where it is affectionately used to refer to a smaller serving of the beloved spirit. Essentially, a “wee dram” denotes a modest portion of whiskey, typically served in a friendly and intimate context. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the rich flavours of whiskey without committing to a full measure. Whether shared among friends or savoured alone, ordering a “wee dram” of Jameson Irish Whiskey adds a touch of warmth and camaraderie to any gathering.

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What whiskey glass is used to serve a dram of whiskey?

For those seeking to elevate their whiskey experience, the choice of glassware plays a crucial role. From traditional Glencairn glasses to elegant crystal tumblers, selecting the right whiskey glass enhances both the aroma and flavour of your dram. Whether you prefer a classic rocks glass for sipping whiskey on the rocks or a tulip-shaped glass to concentrate the aromas, our Whiskey Glass Collection offers a variety of options to suit every preference. Explore our curated selection to find the perfect vessel for enjoying a dram of Jameson Irish Whiskey at home, and enhance your whiskey journey with every sip.

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How to order a dram of whiskey?

When ordering a dram of Irish whiskey, it’s customary to expect it to be served neat, allowing you to fully appreciate the spirit’s intricate flavours and aromas. However, if you prefer your whiskey with ice, simply ask for it “on the rocks” to enjoy a chilled experience. Alternatively, if you prefer a mixer to complement your whiskey, feel free to request it alongside your favourite whiskey mixer. Once your order is placed, we invite you to explore our guide on how to drink whiskey like a pro, where you’ll find tips and techniques to enhance your whiskey-drinking experience.

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