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Never fear, the gig of the year is here

Jameson Connects x Fontaines DC

It’s time for two of Ireland’s greatest exports come together to widen their circle this St. Patrick’s Day. Connecting you to the greatest global gig your screen has ever seen. You just need that sweet Irish spirit and some mates, new and old, too.

About the livestream

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It’s high time we get together again. Sparking up those connections. By pulling up a chair and raising a glass. All ahead of Fontaines DC’s Global Tour and new album ‘Skinty Fia’.

It’s Jameson Connects x Fontaines DC… what more do you need to know?! We joke.
Here’s the nitty, gritty with a small drop of Jameson witty.

When can I join in?
March 17th of course. Or 18th if you’re living down under. Or, if it just suits you better!
Will it be the soundtrack to my St. Patrick’s Day?
Most definitely
Will it be the greatest hour of my life?
Yes it is 60-minute. And yes, it will be the greatest hour EVER.
Can I invite my mates to join too?
You simply must. This St. Patrick’s Day is all about widening the circle.
How do I join in?
Any which way you like. As this livestream is free and open to all.

So, why not sign up below, and we’ll ensure you get all the reminders, direct links, and key info you need to join in. Leaving you to focus on raising a glass and the roof too.


Community & collaboration at the Cobblestone.

The boys from the betterland are back in Dub-Land. And we’ve got a big taste of all that’s to come. As Jameson Connects you to Fontaines DC.

From a recording of their new music ‘Jackie Down the Line’, to an essential conversation with Grian, Deego, Tom, Biig Piig and Dan Doherty at the Cobblestone Pub (One of Ireland’s most legendary music haunts). We are widening the circle one new seat at a time with some super talented mates.

Celebrating community, collaboration, and that Irish spirit. In a St. Patrick’s Day you won’t soon forget.

Ahead of that sweet-delicious global livestream on March 17th (GMT, EDT, PDT) and March 18th (AEDT).


Sweet delicious merch
for your St. Patrick’s Day perch

Time to kit out for the big day. As we’ve got more exclusive bundles from our St. Patrick’s Day collection than you could shake a bottle of Jameson at. From new hip flask and Tees to a full-on shopping spree.


Drinks so good,
St. Patrick gave them his blessing.

We’ve got recipes for everyone this St. Patrick’s Day. From Low & No to our twist on the classics. Ginger & Lime to Whiskey Sours. These concoctions are the perfect way to widen your circle, with mates old and new.