Discoverer Academy


  • 1 day Irish Whiskey Academy (10am - 4.30pm)
  • Deep dive into whiskey production, from grain to glass: Brewing, Distillation, Maturation
  • Working Distillery & Warehouse visit
  • Cask Sampling
  • Continuous Distillation
  • Premium Whiskey Tastings
  • Lunch
  • Personalised gift on departure
  • Available on selected days


  • €350

The ultimate in Irish Whiskey education. 

Whether you're a whiskey expert, budding enthusiast or new to the world of whiskey, a visit to the Irish Whiskey Academy is guaranteed to be a memorable, fun and informative experience. An in-depth educational experience, our Discoverer Academy will immerse you in our production process, from grain to glass. We bring the craft behind Irish whiskey to life in an interactive and sensory way through practical experiments and visits to our production site - where every drop is made. It’s sure to leave you with a complete understanding of what we do here in Midleton.