December Means Homecoming

Maverick Sabre and Daithi Widen The Circle

There’s nothing better than coming home for Christmas.

Catch-ups with far flung pals. Cocktails with your nearest and dearest. Music bringing everyone together. It’s what Widening The Circle is all about. And it’s exactly what we did in The Workman’s Club for our exclusive seasonal gig.

Here’s how it went. First, we welcomed hundreds of our Connects community into The Workman’s Club for whiskey sours and pizza. We got them warmed up with a synthy live performance by Abbacaxi and an infectious DJ set from Rhyzine.

Then it was over to Daithi to perform his electric and distinctly Irish live set. Next, the star atop our metaphorical Christmas tree: Daithi welcomed Maverick Sabre on stage to perform the premiere of their brand-new collaborative track, a remix of Mav’s iconic song Open My Eyes.

The crowd loved it. We sure loved it. And if you weren’t there – well, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it, too. But don’t take it from us. Click through and have a listen below. Prepare your ears for something epic.

Need to add it to your playlist ASAP? Click here for the pre-save link.

Watch the full performance here.

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