Top Picks From Jameson’s Whiskey Experts

What Should You Mix With Whiskey?

Whiskey is great on its own, but it also blends perfectly with a mixer or in a cocktail. There are so many great mixers that complement whiskey’s aromas and flavors – but what to choose?

That’s why we’ve asked Jameson’s whiskey experts. They know a thing or two about what mixes well with Irish whiskey. From the simple to the sublime, you’ll find your perfect mixer in our guide.

Ginger Ale

Whiskey and ginger ale is a classic pairing. Ginger ale adds a little extra sweetness and sparkle to your Irish whiskey. Our signature cocktail – the Jameson, ginger & lime – is a traditional whiskey cocktail that calls for those three ingredients plus ice. It’s a crowd-pleaser and perfectly balanced.

Tonic Water and Club Soda

When you think of tonic water, your mind probably jumps straight to a gin and tonic. But we think whiskey works just as well.

Some find whiskey’s robust, full-bodied flavor a little overwhelming, and tonic water can help take the edge off. Together, they make for a light, refreshing drink – check out our whiskey and tonic water recipe to see for yourself.

On the subject of fizzy water, we’re big fans of mixing soda water or club soda with your whiskey, too. Try the classic cocktail, the high ball – soda water takes the edge off the whiskey, while citrus and bitters add complexity.

Jameson IPA Edition & Tonic


Vermouth is a fortified, aromatized wine often served before meals as an apéritif. It’s a great standalone drink, and it adds flavor depth to cocktails like the Manhattan and Negroni.

Vermouth and whiskey’s flavors complement each other well. Vermouth’s complex herbal and aromatic profile enhances the whiskey experience. Try them together in the Tipperary, which is also called an Irish Manhattan.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our whiskey experts recommend using coffee as a mixer. Indeed, the Irish coffee is a staple of the holiday season. Whiskey gives a rich, robust flavor to the coffee. The spicy, nutty flavors perfectly contrast with the coffee’s bitterness, making it a real treat on a cold winter evening.

You don’t have to wait until winter to mix coffee and whiskey, though! The iced Irish coffee is a great drink to enjoy when the sun is shining and you want to sip something cool and refreshing.


Speaking of refreshing summer drinks, how could we not mention lemonade? Whiskey and citrus flavors complement each other well – the brightness and acidity of a citrus fruit balance out whiskey’s bolder, spicier flavors.

Irish whiskey mixed with lemonade is an Irish lemonade. To complete your cocktail, simply add generous helpings of ice and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Irish Lemonade


Cola’s sweetness and bubbliness pair perfectly with whiskey. Together, whiskey, coke, and a wedge of lime or lemon (because, why not?) make one of the most popular cocktails.

For something a little different, our Jameson whiskey experts recommend trying a cold brew & cola. The combination of coffee, cola, whiskey, and a dash of orange takes this cocktail to the next level.

What Are the Best Juices to Mix With Whiskey?

Orange Juice

Remember how we said citrus complements whiskey perfectly? That goes for orange juice, too. If you want to elevate a classic whiskey and orange juice, our experts recommend a Jameson orange burst or a Jameson orange spritz.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice isn’t just for vodka. Our Jameson experts recommend the whiskey and cranberry juice cocktail – it’s a consistent crowd-pleaser and perfect for the holiday season.


Another citrus addition, whiskey and grapefruit juice make for a playful, aromatic summer drink.

Whiskey mixes well with sweet, fruity apple juice, too. We think they make a great punch.

Can You Mix Whiskey With Water?

Adding a little water to your whiskey can help soften some of the alcohol flavor. Just be careful how much you add – too much water will dilute the whiskey. We recommend you start with a drop or two and add more to taste.

It’s not just cold water that mixes well with whiskey. Did you know that a mixture of whiskey, hot water, lemon, and spices makes up the classic winter cocktail known as a Hot Toddy?

What Doesn’t Mix Well With Whiskey?

While we’re not ones to tell anyone what they can’t do, we can tell you what beverages aren’t considered good whiskey mixers.

Despite the ongoing love affair between whiskey, coffee, and whipped cream, dairy-based drinks aren’t usually on the menu – we can’t say we know too many people who enjoy a Jameson and milk!

It’s also worth noting that whiskey doesn’t always mix well with other strong spirits.

We’re big fans of experimentation, and we’re always looking for the next great mix, so be sure to keep an eye on our ever-expanding list of Irish whiskey cocktail recipes.