Top Picks From Jameson’s Whiskey Experts

Jameson’s Guide to The 6 Best Whiskey Mixers

While many enjoy a neat serving of Irish whiskey on its own, one of the best things about whiskey is its sheer versatility. There are so many interesting mixers out there that figuring out what to mix with your whiskey can be a bit daunting.

That’s why we’ve gotten the opinions of our Jameson whiskey experts. They know a thing or two when it comes to what mixes well with Irish whiskey. From the simple to the sublime, you’ll find the perfect mixer for you in our guide.

1. Soda Water

When people think of what goes well with tonic water, the mind often jumps straight to ‘gin’, but there’s a good case to be made that whiskey works every bit as well. Some find the strong, full-bodied flavour of whiskey to be a little overwhelming, so the tonic water can help ‘take the edge off’, making for a light refreshing drink (check out our whiskey and tonic water recipe to get a better idea).

Jameson IPA Edition & Tonic

2. Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer

Whiskey and ginger ale are a classic pairing that is enjoyed around the world. Beautiful in its simplicity, the traditional whiskey ginger ale cocktail is easy to make – the only extras you need are a wedge of lime to garnish, and some ice to keep the temperature to your liking.

Ginger ale adds a little bit of extra sweetness and sparkle to your Irish whiskey, making for a refreshing evening tipple.

3. Vermouth

Vermouth is a very interesting drink. A fortified and aromatized wine, it is often served before meals as an apéritif, to help stimulate one’s appetite. While vermouth is usually served as a standalone drink, it has proven to be an inventive and surprisingly satisfying whiskey mixer.

Vermouth and whiskey have been mixed together for generations. In fact, they make up key ingredients of The Tipperary cocktail, which is often called ‘The Irish Manhattan’ due to its similarities in flavour and colour.

4. Coffee

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that our Jameson whiskey experts experts recommend using coffee as a whiskey mixer. Indeed, the Irish coffee has become synonymous with the winter holiday season. The addition of Irish whiskey to coffee adds a stronger, more relaxing flavour, making it a real treat on a cold winter evening.

The coffee and whiskey mixing is not limited to winter though. Iced irish coffee has proven to be an increasingly popular summer drink. It’s a real ‘unwind and relax’ kind of drink that works really well when the sun is shining and you need something cool and refreshing to sip.

5. Lemonade

Speaking of refreshing summer drinks, how could we not mention the humble lemonade? Whiskey and lemonade complement each other exceptionally well; the whiskey takes a bit of the citrusy ‘edge’ off strong lemonade, while the lemonade adds a refreshing sparkle to the mix.

Much like the aforementioned coffee, Irish whiskey mixed with lemonade is called ‘Irish lemonade‘, because sometimes the simplest things in life are also the best. If you want to complete your Irish lemonade, simply add generous helpings of ice and a wedge of lime to garnish.

Irish Lemonade

6. Coca Cola

A variation of the classic rum and coke, whiskey and coke is sometimes called ‘the Irish Cube Libre’, but is more commonly (and affectionately) referred to as ‘a Jamey and Coke’.This simple cocktail is found all over the world, and is one of the most popular whiskey drinks.

For something a little bit different, our Jameson whiskey experts recommend trying a Cold Brew & Cola, mixture which has earned the nickname of ‘the Mate Maker’. There’s a lot going on in this mix; coffee, cola and whiskey, and maybe even a dash of orange, make for an exciting and very unique tasting experience.

What Are the Best Kinds of Juice to Mix with Whiskey?

Orange Juice

While ‘Jameson and orange juice‘ can be interpreted as the classic Irish whiskey mixed simple into a glass of orange juice, and that’s not a bad mix by any stretch of the imagination, our whiskey experts are a bit more inventive, recommending a more intricate cocktail made primarily from orange juice and Jameson Orange. Now that’s zesty!

Cranberry Juice

Most people think of vodka when it comes to mixing spirits with cranberry juice, but our Jameson experts’ whiskey and cranberry juice cocktail has proven to be a consistent crowd-pleaser during the winter holiday season, should you fancy something a bit different.

What Other Juices Mix Well With Irish Whiskey?

Whiskey and grapefruit juice is a playful and aromatic treat that really excites the taste buds. Its effervescence makes it an exciting summer drink. Jameson and apple juice is another easy-to-make classic, which really highlights the surprising versatility of Irish whiskey.

While there’s virtually no end to the different types of juices that can be successfully mixed with Irish whiskey, the above are our experts’ favourites.

Can You Mix Water Into Whiskey?

Many say that adding a drip or two of water to whiskey will help ‘unlock the flavour’, and there’s a ring of truth to that. You just have to be careful, as adding too much will dilute it, so you may wish to start sparingly, and add more water to taste.

It’s not just cold water that mixes well with whiskey. Did you know that a mixture of whiskey, hot water, lemon and spices makes up the classic winter holiday cocktail that is known and a ‘Hot Toddy‘?

What Not to Mix with Whiskey?

While we’re not ones to tell anyone what they can’t do, we can give some advice when it comes to things which generally aren’t considered good whiskey mixers. Despite the ongoing love affair between whiskey, coffee, and whipped cream, dairy-based drinks aren’t usually on the menu – we can’t say we know too many people who would claim to enjoy a Jameson and milk!

It’s also worth noting that whiskey doesn’t always mix well with other strong spirits, so we would recommend a cautious approach. There are some great mixes out there, and probably many more just waiting to be discovered.

We’re big fans of experimentation here, and we’re always looking to find the next great mix, so be sure to keep an eye on our ever-expanding list of Irish whiskey cocktail recipes.

Jameson Mixers FAQs

Is Jameson and Sprite good? 

Jameson with Sprite is a great combination for someone looking for something that is bubbly and sweet. It’s a go to for many whether they’re just getting started or capping off the night. If you’re in the mood for a little kick with your Jameson and Sprite, we’d recommend adding some lime to the mix in our Jameson Whiskey, Sprite and Lime recipe. In just three simple steps, enjoy a refreshing, thirst quenching drink at any time of the year.  

Is Jameson and Cola a thing?

It’s absolutely a thing, and a firm favourite of many. Jameson and cola play a great balancing act, as you have the smooth flavours of Jameson with the sweetness of cola If you’re looking to level-up this go-to classic, we’d have to recommend a Jameson Cold Brew and Cola, which are the very definition of kindred spirits, in liquid form.  

What not to drink whiskey with?

While many mixers are the perfect combo with the smooth taste of Jameson Irish Whiskey, we would recommend that you steer clear of volumes of water (if you want just two basic ingredients, we’d recommend Jameson on the Rocks), and then any kind of sweet additive like honey, agave or simple syrup. While they are the perfect accompaniments to a lot of Jameson-based cocktails, adding them on their own to sweeten your drink would disrupt the delicate smooth flavours of a Jameson.  

So there you have it, that’s the low-down on the best mixers, juices and lighter options when you’re looking to add a little something to your Jameson Irish whiskey. If you’re tempted to try something a little bit out there, or something so simple you don’t know why you haven’t tried it yet, head over to our list of the best Jameson Irish Whiskey cocktails with recipes and guidelines so you can make your chosen drink a perfect one every time.