Is There Sugar in Whiskey?

Is there sugar in whiskey? We’ll need you to be more specific… or we can add the specificity right here. To understand how much sugar is in whiskey, we first need to classify how you drink your whiskey—because this says a lot about the sugar content. The whiskey mixer you decide on will play a huge part in the sugar content of your drink of choice. Let’s just say you love pairing your Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition with soda water, there’s no extra sugar content to worry about there. Fancy paring a Jameson Orange with Coca-Cola? Unless it’s the diet or zero versions, you’re looking at an extra bit of sugar there. While we could talk about the best whiskey mixers all day, we’ll get back to the focus of this article: is there sugar in whiskey if you’re enjoying it neat or on the rocks? The answer is that there’s little to no sugar in neat whiskey, however trace amounts of sugar can still be present depending on the process in which it was made. So let’s get into the detail, shall we?  

How Much Sugar is in Whiskey?

The big question: how much sugar is in whiskey? You’ll be happy to hear, not much at all, in fact there’s really a very low to negligible amount of sugar in neat whiskey. We’re sure that when you enjoy a neat serve of Jameson Irish Whiskey you wouldn’t say there’s a distinct sweetness that hits your palette, and that’s because a serving size of 44ml or about 1.5 ounces would be equivalent to about 0.044 grams (0.0016 oz.) of sugar—see, negligible. 

So how does the whiskey distillation process impact the sugar content? During the distillation process most of the sugars are converted to alcohol and the remainder are left behind in the spent grains. While this process does not directly impact the sugar content in the final product, the triple distillation of Jameson Irish Whiskey results in a very pure spirit with the residual sugar remaining being minimal. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a blended Irish whiskey, single malt Irish whiskey, single grain Irish whiskey, single pot still Irish whiskey, you can rest assured that the is no significant difference in sugar content between these whiskeys.  


Factors Influencing Sugar Levels in Whiskey

Now we’ve clarified that the distillation process doesn’t impact the sugar content across different types of whiskey, let’s look at a few more questions you may have. Does the aging process impact the sugar content of whiskey? When it comes to the aging process, the barrels used to age whiskey and the length of time it is aged for, this has an impact on the perceived sweetness, not the actual sugar content. So what about added flavourings and mixers, do they have an impact? Now, this is where you see a difference.  


Let’s take for example, Jameson Orange Whiskey. As this whiskey has added zesty orange flavours, there would be an increase in the sugars present. While normal Jameson Irish Whiskey has those negligible sugars we mentioned of around 0.044 grams per 44mls, Jameson Orange Whiskey has around 1.1 grams of sugar per 44mls—worth knowing if you’re looking to cut down on your sugar intake. Now when it comes to mixers, that’s where it’s completely dependent on the serve you’re enjoying, the cocktail you’re having or the mixer you’re using. Whiskey on the rocks, neat or with water will all have that same low sugar content, but once you get into whiskey cocktails that’s where there sugar content can rise.  While the ingredients of an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour may seem minimal, both contain ingredients that will increase the sugar content and therefore increase your blood sugar.  


If you have specific questions around the sugar content of whiskey cocktails you’re making at home or any mixers you’re adding, we’d recommend you check the label for the specific nutritional information, but it’s safe to say that a Jameson and Ginger and Lime will have more sugar than Jameson Caskmates and Sprite Zero.  

How Much Sugar is in Jameson Irish Whiskey?

So before we sign off and let you explore the wonderful world of whiskey with this new knowledge you have about its sugar content, here’s your summary: due to the nature of whiskey and the distillation process, Jameson Irish Whiskey has a very low sugar content, around 0.044 grams (0.0016 oz.) of sugar for a recommended serving size of 44ml or about 1.5 ounces 

More on Whiskey & Sugar

How much sugar in a glass of whiskey?

Due to the distillation process and the nature of Irish whiskey, the likes of Jameson Irish Whiskey has has a very low sugar content, around 0.044 grams (0.0016 oz.) of sugar for a recommended serving size of 44ml or about 1.5 ounces 

How much sugar in a bottle of whiskey?

Jameson Irish Whiskey has 0.044 grams (0.0016 oz.) of sugar for a recommended serving size of 44ml or about 1.5 ounces, therefore a 750ml bottle would have around 0.75 grams of sugar. 

How much sugar in a shot of whiskey?

A shot of Jameson Irish whiskey contains around 0.044 grams (0.0016 oz.) of sugar for a recommended serving size of 44ml or about 1.5 ounces.