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Jameson Remixed

Discover a new rhythm of Irish whiskey

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats is a 21 year old Jameson Irish Whiskey that has been fully matured in rum casks from the Caribbean Islands of Barbados and Cuba. It is a symphony of flavour, where Irish craft and Caribbean flair collide. This limited release will be available from 12pm on October 26th.

Shipping estimated from 9th November.

€280.00  (€227.64 IE, ex VAT)
500ml, 46% ABV

(price varies per market – shipping available to Ireland, UK, Northern Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Japan)


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Symphony of flavours

Tasting Notes

More than  two decades ago, the masters at Midleton Distillery laid down Jameson Irish Whiskey in rum casks sourced from the Caribbean island of Barbados.

18 years later, Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman was curious to explore how a second style of rum might impact the flavour. Kevin therefore aged the whiskey for a further 3 years in Cuban rum-seasoned rum casks, selected in collaboration with The Maestros Del Ron Cubano from Havana Club ©. The result is a luscious whiskey with warming spices and notes of chocolate dipped honeycomb, orange zest and coconut shavings.


Warming spices accompanied by figs, toasted almonds, muscovado sugar, and coconut shavings. The pot still spices are accentuated by the rum seasoned oak adding notes of ginger and candied fruits which complement the grain whiskey’s floral character that gently lingers in the background allowing the rum influences to shine through, adding vanilla, tobacco leaf and cacao nibs.



Luscious and sweet at first with notes of chocolate dipped honeycomb, orange zest, and mango. Spices of cinnamon and nutmeg with dustings of white pepper add a mild intensity, working in balance with the herbal and earthy qualities creating further complexity. The grain whiskey’s soft and elegant presence brings additional zest and vibrancy from the many years of ageing in the rum- soaked casks while the pot still-driven fruits and sweetness have been further amplified.



Long and lasting with the fruits and sweet spices lingering for a time before slowly fading, allowing the oak and rum seasoning to have the final say.


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An Arrival

A Master Distiller Appears

Over two decades ago, a Master Distiller arrived on the sun-soaked shores of Barbados, he stood out from the tourists who arrive daily from the large white cruise ships.

He obviously came from a different land, he looked different, sounded different but at the same time there was something familiar about him. He carried himself like an islander, with an independence of sprit. He wasn’t there on holiday, he was on a mission from Midleton, Co Cork.

He made his way to the very heart of the island, met the workers in the sugar cane fields, the locals and the rum makers. He learnt the ancient ways of rum making, a tradition and craft that has been part of island life for centuries.

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a continuous Curiosity
for what was just over 
the horizon

He discovered a common passion for spirit making among these noble people, a passion that made it feel at home, even if in reality he was many hundreds of miles away.

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Rum Colour

A Place Like No Other

A new journey of flavour began, this time it took us to bustling, storied streets of Havana, Cuba – a diverse city full of joy, music and colour. A place like no other, that has its own unique way of life and its own proud traditions in rum making.

It was here that our masters worked in collaboration with the Maestros Del Ron Cubano from Havana Club Rum. The maestros sent Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros rum to the Midleton Distillery, where it was used to perfectly season some of our very best casks. The whiskey was then transferred into these freshly seasoned casks and aged for a further 3 years.

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A Departure

Return to Ireland

He left Barbados with a real flavour of the island, to share with his faraway land, in the form of a consignment of rum casks, each imbued with the rich flavours of the Caribbean. These casks took sail from the calm Caribbean waters and made their way to the rugged shores of Ireland.

They found a new home in our Midleton Distillery where they were filled with distillates that would eventually mature to become one of our finest Jameson Whiskeys, allowing it to take on the rich, exotic rum flavours of the wood.
It was a perfect marriage of two age old spirit making crafts.

untouched for 18 years, as life in the distillery moved on.

The years rolled by and these casks sat for 18 years, with our whiskey taking on these unique flavours and characteristics. Kevin O’Gorman watched with interest as these casks matured over the years. On assuming the role of Master Distiller in 2020, Kevin O’Gorman was interested on putting his own twist on these unique whiskey casks, curious to explore how a second style of rum would impact the flavour.

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a true celebration 
of the craft of 
spirit making

After 21 years of maturation in total, the result was an exciting symphony of contrasting flavours, a luscious whiskey with warming spices and notes of chocolate dipped honeycomb,
orange zest and coconut shavings.

Jameson Remixed, Caribbean Beats is the second release in Jameson Anthology, a true celebration of the craft of spirit making that holds a special place in the hearts of the island
people of Ireland and the Caribbean.

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