Get Prepared for Your Trip to Ireland

What you need to know and what you need to bring.  


Your flights and travel will all be taken care of by the team, the only thing you need to do is make the flight! If you are not traveling with a Pernod Ricard representative and your flight is delayed or cancelled, don’t worry, just let us know an we will try our best to get you to Ireland as soon as possible.

Once you arrive in Ireland our team will take care of you from then until it’s time to say goodbye. You will be greeted by an IDL representative holding a Jameson sign at the airport who will take you to your first spot.


With the unpredictable weather in Ireland I reckon you’ll need a rain coat. Nah, you’ll 100% need a rain coat so make sure to bring one.

Your passport or travel card and your visa documents if applicable.


Now, before you come to Ireland you need to learn the lingo, so we’ve thrown together a few phrases …

Term Translation
Hiya/Howya Hello
How's it going How are you/Hi
Craic Fun, Gossip, Goings On
Deadly Brilliant, Fantastic, Great
Donkey's years For a very very long time
Dosser Someone not working or is messing about, up to know good
Eat the head off To get angry at someone
Eejit Complete fool, doing something silly
Fair play! Well done!
Gas Hilarious
Knackered Exhausted, tired

Last but not least, what kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t share some of our favorite bars in Ireland…

As you all know we love our drink and more so we love our whiskey, so this list could go on forever, but we’ve whittled it down to five for each section.


Type of bar The best spots
Cool bars to visit with your mates Blackbird
P. Macs
No Name bar
The Square Ball
The Bernard Shaw
Our beloved cocktail bars Bow Lane
Blind Pig
Chelsea Drugstore
Whiskey bars The Secret Whiskey Bar @ The Market Bar
37 Dawson Street
The Long Hall
The Temple Bar
Doheny & Nesbitt


Type of bar The best spots
Cool bars to visit with your mates Oliver Plunket
Crane Lane
Mutton Lane
Vicarstown Inn
Arthur Maynes
Our beloved cocktail bars SoHo
Brick Lane
Arthur Maynes
Whiskey bars Bodega
The Oval
The Mutton Lane