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Like all the best conversations, the one between Jameson’s Head of Whiskey Science and the Head Brewer of a local craft beer brewery, started at the bar and ended with a swapping of whiskey and beer barrels to create one-of-a kind products.

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Jameson Stout & IPA Editions

Jameson Stout and IPA Editions

First, we loan our barrels to our neighbors who are now called Eight-Degree Brewing, and when the beer-soaked barrels return to our distillery in Midleton, we re-fill them with Jameson, and so it begins.

It started with the Stout Edition but we couldn’t just stop at one. After all, we suspected that a zesty IPA would be the perfect pairing for our Whiskey, especially in those hot summer months!

Jameson Stout and IPA edition - our smooth, triple distilled whiskey that you love finished in craft beer barrels.

Jameson Stout Edition

Jameson Stout Edition

Jameson that has been patiently finished in craft stout-seasoned barrels.

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Nose - An initial aroma of freshly cut hay is complemented by a crisp orchard fruit character - green apples and pears, with a twist of lime zest. Mild pot still spices appear, deepening from green tea to hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Taste - The initial sweet mouth coating typical of the Irish pot still inclusion is quickly complemented by the subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans from the beer cask finish.

Finish - Long and sweet with milk chocolate and butterscotch.

Jameson IPA Edition

Jameson finished in craft IPA barrels, for crisp hoppy notes.

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Nose - Floral, herbal hops, grapefruit citrus notes with subtle orchard fruits, complemented by wood shavings and a little nuttiness.

Taste - Hops and light citrus with sweet herbal notes and delicate spicy tones.

Finish - The lingering fresh fruit and hops give way to grains of barley and a signature smooth finish.

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