From Farm to Glass

In 2019, create a “From Glass to Farm” cocktail. 

What does that mean?... You’re about to find out.

The JBH 2019 main theme is “From Glass to Farm”.

“From Farm to Glass” is a conscious movement leveraging the uniqueness and attractiveness of local environment & local communities. A return to nature, organic products and local traditions.
• By using local, seasonal ingredients.
• By using local knowhow: craft, technics, traditions / collaborating with local talents.

It’s not just about sustainability or environment it’s about COLLABORATION.
We are expecting you to create the best possible cocktail using as much as possible local resources, from the ingredients you are choosing to the glassware, or even apron you are wearing. Tell us about the craftsmen who made this drink possible, the friends you made during this journey.

So, what's the brief?

During Round 2 of the Global Finals in Ireland, you will be asked to create a “From Farm to Glass Cocktail”, using Jameson Original, Jameson Black Barrel, Jameson Caskmates IPA, Jameson Caskmates Stout, to create a simple but tasty cocktail that is a tribute to local know-how by ingredients, glassware, drink culture and craftsmen know-how.

The cocktail creations need to demonstrate a true understanding of the tasting profile of Jameson whiskey and the mastery of ingredients and techniques to sublimate its taste, keeping in mind of course, that the taste is also influenced by the four other senses.

A few rules to win the game...

· Jameson Original, Jameson Black Barrel, Jameson Caskmates IPA, Jameson Caskmates Stout must be the base ingredient of each cocktail.
· A minimum 35cl of Jameson base ingredient must be used in each cocktail.
· Use of Pernod Ricard brands is encouraged but not mandatory.
· There are no limitations on the total amount of alcohol included in each drink.
· A maximum limit of five (5) complete ingredients used for each drink.
· There will be a 20 POINT DEDUCTION for exceeding the five (5) complete ingredient limit.
· Homemade ingredients such as syrups, tinctures, pastes, etc. that are prepared for service prior to the competition can contain an unlimited number of ingredients and that finished preparation will be counted as a single ingredient.
· Competitors must use 1 local ingredient in their cocktail
· The metric system will be used for counting all liquid ingredients in millilitres as well as drops and dashes. Solid ingredients will be counted in units, bar spoons or grams.
· Any non-branded bar tool brought by the competitor will be accepted.
· Jameson will provide Rock and Highball glasses. However, any non-branded glass brought by the competitor will be accepted.

What exactly is "Farm to Glass"?

What exactly is "Farm to Glass"?

All you need to know about this year's theme.