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Virtual Gigs

Missed the streams of top-class talent at our virtual festival with NTS Radio on May 2nd? Never fear. The digital age is here. 

You can pour through all the music, melodies and mayhem you missed below. Just kick back and join some friends of Jameson as they showcase their varying tastes. With a whiskey or two in the mix of course.


Listen back as Celeste plays some slow burning NY boogie, tasty northern soul & more with our friends NTS Radio.

24 Hours of Music Mayhem Presented by NTS and Jameson

LISTEN HERE (+ Tracklist listed here)


Listen back to Rejjie Snow as he plays it smooth, from sunny Brazilian jams to classic house and rap. All thanks to our friends NTS Radio.

LISTEN HERE (+ Tracklist listed here)


Listen back to L.A’s DUCKWRTH on NTS Radio with a tasty selection of party jams.

LISTEN HERE (+ Tracklist listed here)


Listen back to Auckland’s JESSB pick out her current favourite tracks on NTS Radio.

LISTEN HERE (+ Tracklist listed here)


Listen back to some very guilty pleasures with NTS resident Charlie Bones talking requests from around the globe. Few cheeky classics in there too.


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