Wonderfruit Festival Shows Us The Meaning Of Human Connection

Wonderfruit Festival is so much more than an event. It’s an experience — one that’s undoubtedly powered by human connection.

Anyone who has been to Wonderfruit Festival will tell you that it’s something special. You’ve got everything you could want for a three-day adventure in Thailand: music, performance, art, food, and theatre. But the real magic of Wonderfruit? Connection.

When it comes down to it, the people are always what make a festival special. Sure, you go there for the music, but it’s always made better if you’ve got your best friends by your side — or some new pals you made over the weekend. It’s what connecting is all about.

We decided to put Wonderfruit’s ethos of ‘live, love and wonder’ into action and ask festival goers visiting the Jameson Connects: The Circle stage what human connection means to them. Watch the film to hear their answers.