11 Best Things to Do in Dublin to Arrive Like a Local

Welcome to Dublin, a city full of local experiences waiting to be explored. In this guide, we’ll take you through the 11 best things to do in Dublin, helping you explore the Irish capital like a local. Forget the typical touristy spots; we’re here to uncover the hidden gems that even locals cherish.

Our list not only introduces you to Dublin’s top attractions but also shares the secrets of Dubliners, like where to find the best pubs near the Jameson Distillery or the famous streets that define the city’s charm. Along the way, we’ll show you how to eat, drink, and speak like a local. Whether you’re seeking Dublin’s finest attractions or the coziest pubs, get ready to explore the best of Dublin like a local.


Visit Jameson Bow St.Distillery Tour

The Jameson Bow St. Distillery tour tops our list for a reason. It’s an essential stop that beautifully encapsulates Dublin’s spirit and history. This iconic distillery offers guided tours, unveiling the secrets of whiskey-making and its impact on the city.


But what truly sets it apart are the whiskey-tasting sessions and cocktail classes, making it a unique experience. The best part? Locals also love this place, joining in for the tour and cocktail-making classes. Whether you’re a visitor or a Dubliner, pop in for a guided tour or cocktail shaking sessions at Jameson Bow St. Distillery Tour. This is your gateway to our history as well as Dublin’s whiskey heritage. So it would be mad for us not to have this at the top of our list.

dublin bow street distillery

Take a Stroll Through St. Stephen’s Green or Phoenix Park

Up next, we take a chilled-out stroll through St. Stephen’s Green or Phoenix Park, a true favorite among the locals for grabbing a coffee or meeting up with a mate for a relaxed walk in these beautiful green spaces.


After exploring the buzzing streets of Dublin, these well-maintained parks offer a breath of fresh air and tranquility. St. Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park boast a rich history, evolving gracefully over the years into the serene escapes they are today. Join in the tradition, and you’ll discover the heartwarming essence of Dublin’s outdoor life, enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike.

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Scroll Through Irish History at The Old Library of Trinity College Dublin

Explore Irish history at The Old Library of Trinity College Dublin, a place you must visit, dating back to the 18th century. Inside, you’ll be blown away by the incredible bookcases, ladders, and the famous Book of Kells. It’s an insta-worthy spot that might come in handy for pub quizzes too.


Locals cherish this tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, making it a perfect rainy day activity. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply seeking a cozy retreat, Trinity College’s Old Library is one of our must-visit spot in Dublin.

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Drink Like a Local at One of Dublin’s Best Pubs

Sip away like a true local at Dublin’s finest pubs. We’ll give you the lowdown on which streets to hit and, more importantly, where to grab a pint.

Explore the cobbled streets, and make sure to pop into the recommended pubs along the way. And if the weather’s a bit nippy, don’t forget to warm up with a classic Whiskey Cocktail like the Irish Toddy or Irish Coffee. Cheers to drinking like a local!

dublin dawson street
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with Jameson Passport

Your welcome drink is on us.


Try an Escape Room

Get ready for some brainy fun that Dublin locals absolutely love – the Escape Room experience!


For a thrilling adventure, check out Clockwork Escape Room. But if you’re up for something different, The Clockwork Door is worth a visit too. It’s a unique spot where you pay for your time, not your drinks or snacks. With board games, musical instruments, books, tea, coffee, and more, it’s like a cozy living room away from home. And if you find yourself getting a bit too comfy, their Escape Rooms might just be the nudge you need to step back into the real world. Whether you’re up for a puzzle challenge or a relaxed hangout, Dublin’s got it all!

dublin clockwork door

Enjoy Some Live Music

Discover one of the best things to do in Dublin: enjoy some live music! Dublin’s music scene is thriving, offering a wide range of performances. From bigger gigs to smaller, more intimate sessions, attending a live music event in Dublin is a must. It’s not just an activity; it’s an authentic Dublin experience that brings you closer to the local culture and music enthusiasts in the city.

dublin live music

Take the Plunge At Vico Baths

Time to take the plunge at the Vico Historic Baths! Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and hit the scenic Vico Road in Killiney, South County Dublin. These historic baths are the spot to cool off while soaking in the breathtaking beauty of the Irish Sea.


Picture this: stunning views all day long, but it’s an absolute cracker to be there for a sunrise or sunset. And don’t think you can only visit in the summer months – if you’ve got the guts, this spot is worth a visit anytime. So, grab your mates and make a splash at Vico Baths for a truly refreshing experience!

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Visit the Sceneic Howth Cliffs

Up next on our list of things to do in Dublin is the breathtaking Howth Cliffs, a must-visit attraction near Dublin. Strap on your trainers and escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you venture on the scenic Howth Cliffs walk. With various routes to choose from, ranging in difficulty and length, you can take your time reaching the summit to savor the magnificent views. This experience guarantees not only a lungful of fresh air but also the opportunity to capture stunning photos that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply want to bask in the beauty of nature, the Howth Cliffs walk promises an unforgettable day in Dublin.

dublin howth cliffs 2

Eat Like a Local On Dublin’s Bustling Streets

Indulge in Dublin’s local culinary scene while exploring its vibrant streets. Here’s where to find some top dining experiences in Dublin. These dining recommendations on Dublin’s bustling streets will treat your taste buds to a delightful journey through the city’s culinary culture. Enjoy your foodie exploration in Dublin!



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Fade Street

Located in the city center, Fade Street is your go-to spot for a fantastic dinner and a delicious cocktail. For a sophisticated evening and some excellent people-watching, this street is a top choice. Be sure to check out (add restaurants names + links)



Drury Street

Drury Street, right in the heart of Dublin, is a foodie’s paradise. You’ll find quality food and drink options galore. From hearty traditional Irish cuisine at one end to delectable tapas-style sharing platters at the other, this street has it all. Don’t miss (add restaurants names + links)




If you’re willing to venture a bit further from the city center, head to the affluent area of Ranelagh. This neighborhood is known for its charming redbrick buildings and trendy eateries. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, and you may never want to leave. For a delightful dining experience, visit (add restaurants names + links)



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No matter the meal or time of day, Rathmines has you covered. Whether you’re craving a brunch with a superb flat white or sourdough pizzas for dinner, this neighborhood knows how to serve up Irish hospitality and scrumptious food. Visit (add restaurants names + links)



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George’s Street Arcade

This historic market is housed in a stunning building and offers a range of street food from market stalls and independent eateries. It’s the perfect spot for a late-morning or afternoon food adventure. Explore (add restaurants names + links)



dublin georges arcade

Walk Among Legends at Glasnevin Cemetery

Step into history at Glasnevin Cemetery, where Dublin’s most influential figures, including politicians, artists, writers, and thinkers, are laid to rest. Locals often tour this cemetery to connect with the city’s storied past and pay homage to those who shaped Dublin’s heritage. Explore the legends of Glasnevin Cemetery to discover the essence of Dublin’s history like a local.

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Join Pat Liddy’s Walking Tour of Dublin Docklands

Discover a lesser-known side of Dublin with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tour of Dublin Docklands. This tour highlights the city’s unique geography, including its location on the water, and its crucial role in shaping Dublin’s identity and infrastructure. It’s a must do for anyone looking for things to do when you have more time to explore Dublin and its hidden gems.

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How to Chat Like a Local When Visting Dublin

Curious about local expressions while visiting Dublin? Dubliners have their unique way of conversing, filled with slang and curious phrases. In this section, we’ll introduce you to 5 common Irish slang terms, each with its own Dublin twist. Are you ready? Here we go.


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What’s the Craic?

Explanation: This phrase is frequently misunderstood by visitors. It’s one of the most popular sayings in Dublin, and it doesn’t mean what it might sound like. When a local asks, “What’s the craic?” they’re inquiring about your recent experiences, whether you’ve had a good time, or if there’s any interesting gossip you’d like to share.

Example in Context: “What’s the craic? Have you been over to Smithfield yet?”




Explanation: The term “Jacks” is an informal and colloquial way to refer to the toilet or bathroom. It’s commonly used by locals when they need to excuse themselves to use the facilities.

Example in Context: “I’ll be right back, just need to find the jacks before we continue our chat.”


jacks badge


Explanation: When Dubliners describe something as “deadly,” they’re expressing their admiration and enthusiasm for it. It’s a positive slang term used to indicate that something is excellent or impressive.

Example in Context: “You should have seen the performance last night; it was absolutely deadly!”


deadly badge


Explanation: Similar to “deadly,” “savage” is another positive slang term used to describe something as great, fantastic, or impressive. It’s often employed to express enthusiasm or approval.

Example in Context:“The food at that new restaurant was truly savage; you won’t be disappointed.”


savage badge


Explanation: “Bleedin’” is a common colloquialism used to add emphasis to a statement. It’s similar to saying “very” or “extremely” and is often used in casual conversation to intensify an adjective or description.

Example in Context: “It’s bleedin’ cold outside today; I should have brought a thicker jacket.”


bleedin badge
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