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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide: Discover Jameson’s Top Tips

The sound. The beat. The energy of the crowd. The artists you’ve longed to watch since those early days. Festivals always provide an extraordinary time, unlike anything else.

Ah, tis the joys of summer!

With festivals in full swing, it’s practically mandatory to attend one. Even if you’re a procrastinator, last-minute festival plans could turn out to be the highlight of your summer. So go ahead, come as you are, and revel in the music, art, and all things that strike your fancy. Immersing yourself fully in the moment, forging new connections that will stand the test of time.

With 800,000 festival goers in Ireland alone, the birthplace of Jameson, our guide to surviving and thriving at festivals will guarantee your summer is not only a hit but potentially your most memorable one yet. From All Together Now, where Jameson has collaborated on an immersive area called Jameson Connects The Circle, to Neopop and more, there are summer parties to attend across the world.

Encouraging individuals to widen their circles and make memories and connections that are unmatched. So, how can you ensure this is your best festival season yet? Here are our top art and music festival tips!


If you’ve found yourself here, it’s safe to assume you’ve already answered the age-old question, “Are festivals worth the hassle?” You’ve likely attended a festival (or two or three) and have come out the other side feeling like a seasoned pro. You’ve fine-tuned your festival game and have some sneaky tips up your sleeve, but maybe you’re still hungry for more knowledge, or perhaps you’re a festival newbie. No matter which camp you fall into, the key to festival success always starts with a little research.

Researching different festivals can help you determine which ones make sense for you and your clan. What live performance would you die to see? What type of atmosphere do you crave? Will you need to make travel or camping plans? If camping is involved, make sure to research the festival ​​camping setup, how it works, and what you’ll need.

While researching, plan which acts or events you really want to attend, then prioritise accordingly. Do any overlap? You may have to make some decisions. You’ll also want to take note of when ticket sales start, since many festival tickets tend to go fast. And don’t forget to prepare for all weather. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, you’ll need the right gear to make sure you’re covered.

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Pack the Festival Essentials

If the festival is a few days away or even a week or so out, it’s the perfect time for a few festival packing tips. There’s no denying it: Festivals are grimy. Hygiene facilities are often lacking. So, make sure to take toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes or baby wipes with you to make sure you feel fresh.

And if it’s your first time going to a festival? Here is your ultimate festival checklist (some of which may even save you money):

  • Camping gear (tent, sleeping mat, sleep bag)
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc)
  • Plenty of water and a water bottle
  • Phone charger and battery
  • Wallet or fanny packs
  • Tickets
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Hats & caps
  • Rain jacket
  • Hoodies
  • Socks and underwear
  • Festival outfits
  • Sleeping attire
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Hip flasks

Choose your Festival Pals Wis​ely

Ensure the friends you go with enjoy the same music as you, as they will have the same expectations and probably want to attend the same sets. Pals that are willing to make new friends and have new experiences are also a plus in the festival world.

And even if you can’t find anyone to go with, there’s no shame in going to a festival alone; You’ll probably even meet new people with similar interests. For safety reasons, however, always make sure a good pal or family member knows where you’re headed.

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Set Your Budget

Travel expenses can really add up. Flights, cars, taxis, parking, camping, hotels… the list goes on. These can send your festival budget unexpectedly skyrocketing through the roof. On the other hand, if your budget allows, check out the special experiences involved at the festival you attend, such as VIP access or carnival rides.

Plan Your Festival Fits for a Smooth Landing

Comfort is the name of the game at festies. Although so are fire fits. When you’re going to be walking around and standing for large parts of the day and going into the night. This means thinking about practicality when planning your festival outfit. But that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Try to select clothing that is lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable to move around in so you can get busy making memories rather than fessing over your attire. Also, plan for rain by bringing a lightweight rain jacket.

If the festival is during the day and the sun is bright, don’t forget your sunscreen. Your choice of shoes will matter too; Again, comfort is key! But so are those swet delcious insta likes.

Pack your Festival Cocktail Kit

A few simple and easy cocktails can take your festival experience to that next level. It’s easier to plan cocktails with similar ingredients, so you don’t have to drag around a ton of extra stuff. Here are a few festival sips you might want to try:

Jameson, Ginger Ale & Lime Ready To Drink: This requires zero preparation or mixing; All you need to do is grab a few cans and enjoy!

Jameson Soda & Lime: Easy, simple, and won’t require any shaking necessarily. Just pour, mix, sip, and enjoy.

Jameson Ice Tea & Lime: If you need something thirst-quenching and energising, this cocktail fits the bill.

Cooper’s Tea: Get your day started with this tea mix. Even better, share it with friends to widen your circle and build closer connections.

And if you want to impress your friends, grab our hip flasks and barware to make things extra special.

Map and Meetup

If you’re going to a bigger music festival, you can probably get your hands on an event map ahead of time. Print one out and bring it with you. This can help things run extra smooth.

Also choose a communal meeting place. So, you and your friends will always know where to find one another. Somewhere teasy for the whole group to remember. This may mean back at your tent or next to your favorite food stall. And if someone heads off for a toilet break or to grab a bite, make sure that the whole group waits in one place until the crew is one again.

Stay Energised

Music festivals will drain you. In all the good ways. But not so good too. Combining partying with late nights, leaving you less than energised the morning after. Luckily, there are some secret strategies you can use to ensure you’re the last one standing and don’t run yourself into the ground. The key is water of course, making safe choices, sleeping lots (maybe even catching up on some sleep in between acts!), using SPF or a hat, and making sure you know your limits. Pull all that off. And you’ll be a gold medalist in festivals in no time.

Charge your Phone

The age old tale. My phone’s dead. A right of passage for every festival goer. Bring a portable charger or your charger with a battery. This will guarantee you can reach your pals if you ever stray too far on your adventures and can’t locate them.

Have Fun & Expect the Unexpected

Finally, go in with an open mind. Anything can happen at a festival.

So, with this music festival guide, we hope you have your best season yet. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment with the one and only Jameson Irish Whiskey. And Widen your circle by making new friends, sharing festival drinks, foods and stories. Whilst living in the moment. The memories you create will act as your souvenir, providing laughs and recollections with pals well into the future.

If you’re looking for more summer activities to keep the fun going check out ​​Jameson’s Guide to Spontaneity with some more of our favourite summer activities

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