Find Your Local Third Space: Where Community & Culture Meet

Ah, summertime, the season of sunshine, good vibes, and endless socialising. It’s the time of year when we put our worries on hold and live in the moment, relishing the simple pleasures of life. But amidst all the social engagements, there is the ever important”third space”. What is that you ask?? A space for social, and non social butterflies to spread their wings.

A third space is a local and familiar social scene where you connect. Sharing hobbies, interests and so much more. And with summer upon us, it’s time to scope out your own third space to gain new experiences, meet new people and live life to the fullest.

And if you’re still wondering, “What are third spaces,” or “Why are third spaces important,” let us dig into the details a bit more.

What Is A Third Space?

For Jameson, third spaces are where we can make connections with our partners and communities. A space where we can Widen The Circle, learn more about our interests and passions, and lean into each other’s buzz. This could be a bar, a barber’s, a skate shop, a vinyl shop, or a craftsperson’s worktop.

These locations can offer us a space to be by ourselves, grab a cup of coffee, and do our thing whilst still having someone remember our order or compliment our haircut. It’s where we can find solitude without loneliness. Company without chaos. And where we can socialise, gaining an important sense of community, all within a comfortable, welcoming, and playful atmosphere.

Typically, there is food, drink and wifi . The essentials. And an array of shared or common activities, like sport or pool. They are spaces where everyone is equal. And with regular visits, we begin to note familiar faces and build new bonds with newfound friends.

Whereas home is our “first space” and work is often our “second space,” the third space, in many ways, offers a home away from home. It’s where we can be our most authentic selves, meaning we don’t feel pulled by chores at home or stressed by projects at work. Providing an outlet when we feel worn down, stressed or just not bloody great.

Third Space Examples to Experience A Home Away From Home

Third spaces are an essential component to many sitcoms or TV shows. Friends had Central Perk, Seinfeld had Monk’s Cafe. And these exist in real life too. Any space can be a third space for you, and others too.

Some common examples include:

  • Coffee shops and cafes
  • Public parks
  • Libraries
  • Community centres
  • Bars and pubs
  • Churches or other religious facilities
  • Dog parks
  • Volunteer spaces
  • Therapy groups
two skateboarders enjoying a break

Why Are Third Spaces so Important?

A place where someone knows your name and recognises you, can foster connection and help us stay present and mindful. In turn, this can make us feel like we belong, opening us up to new experiences and perspectives. Just like Jameson.

A third space will make you feel at ease. Like a weight has been lifted. You can socialise, get creative, or even be productive. There’s even “digital third spaces,” such as Reddit, Discord, group chats, online forums, and more. As a third space is anywhere outside of work and home where we feel a sense of community.

At Jameson Irish Whiskey, we understand the importance of fostering third spaces within our communities. And it is our hope to build these spaces across Ireland and around the globe, helping groups thrive and people connect. Whether that be a local bar, park, or something new. All that matters is that you experience something true.

Third spaces are just one way to get involved in some summer fun, but check out our ​Guide to Spontaneity with our favourite Summer Activities for more ideas.

Need some help saying yes to Summer? Leave it up to us.